The focus of these packages is on teaching historical content through the use of the discipline pedagogy that strengthens student's understanding of society past and present. Enhanced by digital technologies, students are encouraged to become active, inquiring and informed historians, using evidence collected from primary and secondary sources. You will gain an understanding of how to use specific educational technologies in the study of history and how to organise your classroom, as well as learn a range of teaching strategies and classroom management ideas. References to further material for your professional learning are also provided.

The early years of schooling

This package looks at how young students can learn about change and continuity in their community through the personal stories told by older generations with the aid of ICT. Using ICT, students learn foundational history skills and knowledge such as: the sequencing of time, change and continuity, perspective, and an understanding of historical sources. Through technology, young learners can now make their own resources as well as access images, videos and virtual artifacts from world-class museums and archives.

Upper primary years and the first years of lower secondary schooling

This package brings together effective history pedagogy and the use of technology for pre-service teachers preparing to teach history from the Australian Curriculum. The package models how teachers could develop students' historical understanding and historical skills. Through this package you will gain an understanding of how technology, pedagogy and content can come together to enhance students' understanding of Indigenous history.

Years 9 and 10

This package looks at how history pedagogy and the use of powerful technology intersect in the content of the Australian Curriculum. Through an example lesson, which is part of a larger unit of work teaching year 10 students about the modern world, students will be able to act as historians investigating the impact of Post-Vietnam War migration on Australia.